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Republicans urge Democrat leaders to send school funding legislation to Governor

Even though a state budget is in place, Democrats are preventing schools from getting state funding by playing political games with a new formula that is required by law to be enacted before they can receive the bulk of their funding for the coming school year. Senate Republicans are asking Democrat leaders to stop manufacturing an unnecessary crisis and take action, to ensure Illinois schools receive their state funding and their doors open on time.

Charlie’s Law offers life-saving treatments to children

Legislation signed into law this week will ensure that children are able to receive life-saving treatments for autoimmune disorders connected to streptococcal infections known as PANDAS.

Righter: Governor’s education funding plan brings equity to schools, more new funding for downstate students

Changes that would be made by Gov. Bruce Rauner through an amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1, an education funding reform bill, would result in nearly twice the amount of new funding for schools in State Sen. Dale Righter’s 55th Senate District.

Senator Righter statement on budget

Senator Dale Righter released the following statement after the Senate approved a full-year balanced budget July 4.

No budget by fiscal year deadline

Despite the looming deadline of June 30 marking the end of Fiscal Year 2017, no complete balanced budget and reform package has advanced from the General Assembly to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s desk.

Positive news for state in safety report

While Illinois often has the dubious distinction of lagging behind its neighbors in national rankings, Illinois significantly outperformed neighboring Missouri when it comes to preventable accidents. The National Safety Council’s annual report has given the Land of Lincoln a “B” in the category, compared to an “F” for the Show-Me state, which finished dead last. Illinois was one of seven states, plus Washington D.C. to earn a “B.”

9-1-1, telecommunications bill passes the Senate

Legislation designed to keep 9-1-1 centers in operation was advanced to the Governor this week, to extend the authorization for 9-1-1 centers as well as provide a roadmap to advance the state’s aging telecommunications network.

Senate Republican Leader announces retirement, Brady elected to the position

Senate Republicans have a new leader as they move forward in their efforts to pass a balanced budget and reform state government.

Righter: New education funding reform provides boost for downstate schools, doesn’t bailout Chicago

An analysis by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) found schools across the state, especially in State Sen. Dale Righter’s (R-Mattoon) 55th Senate District, fare better under new education funding reform legislation (Senate Bill 1124 – Amendment 3) compared to education funding reform legislation passed by Senate Democrats May 31 (Senate Bill 1).

Senate lawmakers unveil Capitol Compromise package

Despite statements made by Senate President John Cullerton recently week stating that the Senate has done its work, Senate Republicans remain adamant that the Senate Democrats’ partisan budget and watered-down reforms are a stark departure from the Senate budget and reform package being discussed in bipartisan working groups until Senate Democrats opted to move forward with their own agenda.

Gov. Rauner calls Special Session

With the clock ticking down on the end of the 2017 Fiscal Year, Gov. Rauner is calling lawmakers back to Springfield for a 10-day special session to continue their work toward passage of a balanced budget before Illinois lapses into its third-straight year without a budget.

Righter issues statement on Governor calling for a Special Session

This is the right thing to do. It’s the job of the legislature to pass a balanced budget. Constitutionally, the legislature is the only entity that that can pass a balanced budget.

Federal judge decides ruling on Illinois Medicaid payments

As the budget impasse continues and Illinois’ backlog grows to over $14 billion in unpaid bills, many Medicaid service providers have threatened to discontinue services to Illinois Medicaid recipients unless the state starts postmarking reimbursement checks faster.

Senate Republicans keep focus on balanced budget for upcoming fiscal year

For the third consecutive year, the General Assembly has adjourned on May 31 without passing a comprehensive and balanced budget for the state of Illinois, despite Republican lawmakers repeated requests that their Democrat counterparts remain at the negotiating table to come to a budget compromise.

Business groups say spring session was bad for job-growth

As the regularly scheduled spring legislative session came to a close on May 31, a number of pro-business groups labeled it “one of the worst for employers,” citing a number of anti-employer and anti-job growth measures that cleared the Legislature this year, as well as a lack of progress on major reforms like workers’ compensation reform and property tax relief.