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CPS Bailout Vetoed

When lawmakers came to agreement this past June on a temporary stop-gap budget, one component of that budget included $215 million for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to pay Chicago teachers’ pension.

Automatic Voter Registration veto override fails

On Nov. 29, the House of Representatives failed to override the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 250, the Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) bill.

Budget Negotiations to Continue

The Governor and legislative leaders met four times during the past week in Springfield in an attempt to move forward with the framework of a balanced, full-year budget with structural reforms. Reforms are an integral part of passing a balanced budget, which in turn would help set Illinois on a sustainable path toward prosperity.

2nd Week of Veto Session on Tap

Lawmakers returned to their districts to observe the Thanksgiving holiday this week, but will return to Springfield Nov. 29 when the second week of the scheduled Veto Session convenes in Springfield.

Giving back: list of food pantries in the 55th Senate District

As you gather with your family this week to be thankful and count your blessings, don’t forget to remember those less fortunate by donating to your local food pantry. A list of local food pantries can be found here,.

Secretary of State unveils new Illinois license plates

Replacement of old Illinois license plates will begin January 2017, as part of a new initiative recently announced by the Secretary of State. The new license plates will be distributed at no cost to taxpayers.

Senate Republicans re-elect Leader

Due in large part to her years of fighting to protect the rights of Illinois residents and improve the state’s economic outlook, as well as her leadership during the current budget crisis, Senate Republicans unanimously re-elected Senator Christine Radogno as the leader of their caucus.

Democrats add $100+ million in spending

Despite the serious fiscal problems facing the state, two other vetoes were overridden by Senate Democrats that would add more than $100 million in spending each year.

Democrats slow-walk budget negotiations

House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton began the first week of the fall veto session by boycotting a budget negotiation meeting scheduled by the Governor. Despite their attendance at later meetings, no significant progress was made on balancing the budget and passing any reforms to streamline state government and reduce costs.

Righter: Automatic voter registration jeopardizes voter integrity, privacy

State Sen. Dale Righter says legislation that would establish an automatic voter registration system in Illinois opens the door to illegal residents casting votes. Righter voted against Senate Bill 250, which the Illinois Senate passed Nov. 16, overriding Gov. Rauner’s veto.

Hunters urged to be safe as fall hunting seasons begin in earnest

As Illinois’ busiest hunting seasons begin, sportsmen are being encouraged by the state’s Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to be safe while out in the field. Illinois’ most popular hunting season, the seven-day firearm deer season, begins on Friday, Nov. 18.

Fall veto session to begin November 15

Out of nearly 450 bills passed during the spring legislative session, Gov. Rauner issued 40 vetoes. Lawmakers will return to the Statehouse Nov. 15 to consider vetoed legislation, as well as other measures, as part of the annual fall veto session.

Illinois farmers finishing up with harvest

Thanks to continued dry weather in many parts of the state, the Illinois corn and soybean harvest is nearing completion.

Illinois Supreme Court receives new chief justice

Long-time Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier was sworn in as the 120th chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court on Monday, October 31. Having served on the state’s highest court since 2004, Justice Karmeier was unanimously chosen by his colleagues to replace former Chief Justice Rita Garman.

School Funding Reform Commission focuses on special populations

The Illinois School Funding Reform Commission met for the seventh time this week, this time to address special populations, including special and early childhood education.