Dale Righter

Illinois State Senator | 55th District


Righter appointed to serve on key Senate committees

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

State Senator Dale Righter (R-Mattoon) was recently selected to serve on several key Senate Committees, including ongoing appointments to the Senate Assignments and Senate Executive Committees.

Senator Righter will also assume the role of Republican Spokesperson on the Senate Criminal Law Committee, and will serve as a member on the Judiciary and Appropriations I Committees—all new assignments for Righter.

“I look forward to new challenges as the 98th General Assembly gets under way,” said Righter. “I anticipate my professional legal experience will benefit my constituents on both the Senate Criminal Law and Judiciary Committees, which handle everything from crime prevention legislation to measures governing the intricacies of the state’s civil justice system.”

Senator Righter has served for several years on the Senate Executive, Energy and Assignments Committees. Senators who serve on the Assignments Committee determine where legislation will be assigned for consideration by what Senate Committees, while members of the Executive Committee are often responsible for making decisions on some of the most important and controversial legislative issues facing lawmakers.  As a member of the Energy Committee, Righter considers issues relating to regulation of Illinois’ public utility industry and energy infrastructure.

As a member of the Senate Appropriations I Committee—which is charged with reviewing state finances and vetting budget projections from Illinois’ departments and agencies—Righter said he looks forward to having a greater say on state budget matters.

“Illinois faces unprecedented fiscal challenges in the coming year. My priority as a member on each of these committees is to stress the need for greater accountability and efficiency in state government—whether that is by allowing reform legislation to advance or by opposing measures that I believe will have a detrimental effect on our state,” Righter explained.

The Senate’s standing committees analyze legislation dealing with specific subject areas, such as education, agriculture and transportation. Committees screen legislation introduced by all members and usually only those bills approved by a committee may be considered by the entire Senate.

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