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Two Minute Drill update on education funding and Medicaid reform

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Friends,

The main action in the Illinois Senate this week was focused on reviewing and voting on bills by the full Senate. We were under an April 25 deadline to send Senate bills over to the House and next week we will begin the process of reviewing bills sent to the Senate by the House. More than 100 bills were debated before the full Senate this week, and you can find information on legislation that was approved by the Senate, as well as Senate Committees, on the Senate Republican “Action Page.”

Also this week, a Senate budget committee approved important legislation that would increase oversight of the state’s education funding dollars. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more education dollars being directed toward Chicago. This has been happening without open debate or review by policy makers; the specifics of this spending aren’t even disclosed in the annual budget submitted by the Governor.

A recent review of the state’s school funding process revealed that greater oversight of Illinois’ education funding dollars is absolutely necessary. In response, I joined with several of my Senate colleagues to sponsor Senate Bill 1984, legislation that will open up the state’s process of funding schools for review. Be sure to watch my “Two Minute Drill” video for more information on this measure, and an update on one of the most significant measures approved by the General Assembly during the 2012 legislative session: Medicaid reform.

The state recently began the process of verifying eligibility of Illinois’ almost three million Medicaid recipients. This was a crucial component of the 2012 Medicaid reform package, and a provision that I and other reforms strongly advocated. Though ineligibility numbers are anticipated to go down as the process continues I think these numbers clearly demonstrate what we said for years—fraud and abuse are prevalent within the state’s Medicaid system.

Please watch my Two Minute Drill video for more information on these issues—and don’t forget to check out my legislative website. My site is frequently updated with news from the Senate and around the state.

Best wishes,



Dale Righter



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